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Comec RP1000 Head and block resurfacer

The Comec RP1000 resurfacer is a resurfacing machine for cylinder heads and blocks of cars and trucks, as well as for all flat surfaces requiring a finished and accurate mating surface.


Comec RP1000 resurfacer

All machine parts, like the base, the table, the column and the head are made of widely ribbed cast iron of the best quality, thereby offering highly rigid and sturdy features.
The table feed is operated through a recirculating-ball screw that is extremely precise even at slow feed speeds. A frequency inverter controlling the screw is attached to the motoreducer to offer different speed feed that can be widely adjusted with a potentiometer.
Another inverter adjusts the spindle speed, in order to get the ideal cutting speed at all times and according to the different cutting systems, like abrasive sectors for the grinding of cast iron or aluminium cylinder heads with pre-chambers, the tool for aluminium resurfacing or the CBN-PCD toolholder plate for high-speed resurfacing.

A conveniently located digital display shows the rotation speed.
For an easy and safe use of the machine, all control commands are located on a rotating control panel that can be adjusted to every operator. Moreover, in order to supply an efficient product, the machine’s standard equipment includes the rapid movement of the head, an efficient cooling system complete with a settling tank, and a wheel dressing assembly with diamond dresser.
Useful accessories are also available upon request, such as the adjustable set-up  fixture for cylinder heads, the V-block mounting kit, the rotating backing pad for the grinding of flywheels, clutch friction plates or brake discs.

Comec RP1000 resurfacer specifications

Table travel1070 mm
Max workpiece length895 mm
Max workpiece width355 mm
Min - Max workpiece height125÷545 mm
Useful table surface920x210 mm
Segmented grinding wheel diameter355 mm (14”)
Variable head speed rotation300÷1500 rpm
Variable table travel speed0÷1500 mm/min
Head motor4.0 kW (M 2.2 kW)
Table motor0.75 kW
Fast head feed motor0.18 kW
Coolant pump motor0.10 kW
Dimensions (LxWxH)1680x1140x1850 mm
Weight1015 kg

Standard equipment

  • Adjustable spindle speed complete with digital read-out
  • Adjustable table feed
  • Table with recirculating-ball screw
  • Fast motorized head feed
  • Manual/Continuous/Automatic working modes
  • Turning control panel
  • Splash and safety guard with policarbonate shield
  • Pair of parallel supports with clamps
  • Lubricant for slides
  • Wrench set
  • Instruction manual


  • Ø 355mm Grinding wheel complete of segments for cast iron (10 pcs.) and cutting tool
  • Cooling plant complete with pump and settling tank
  • Grinding wheel dresser
  • Emulsifiable liquid


  • RP1361 CBN/PCD/ALP Milling plate
  • UT1330 1/2”CBN/PCD insert tool holder
  • UT1355 1/2” CBN Insert for cast iron

Accessories and spare parts

Comec RP1000 resurfacer

Adjustable universal fixture wit parallels

Comec RP1000 resurfacer

Adjustable universal fixture with mounting plate

Comec RP1000 resurfacer

Motor driven rotary table

Comec RP1000 resurfacer

CBN/PCD/ALP Milling plate dia. 355 mm (14”)

Comec RP1000 resurfacer

Aluminum with Pre-chamber insert tool holder

Comec machines UT0023

3/8” CBN/PCD insert tool holder

Comec machines - UT0017

Insert tool holder with UT0014

Comec machines UT1390

Replacement insert for UT0017 (10 pcs)

Comec machines UT1320

3/8” CBN/PCD insert tool holder

Comec machines UT1355

1/2” CBN Insert for cast iron

Comec machines UT1356

1/2” PCD Insert for aluminium

Comec machines - UT0014

ALP insert tool holder for UT1392

Comec machines UT1392

ALP insert for aluminum with prechambers

Comec machines UT1330

1/2”CBN/PCD insert tool holder

Comec machines UT1345

3/8” CBN Insert for cast iron

Comec machines UT1346

3/8” PCD Insert for aluminium

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Comec RP1000 resurfacer

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